Material: 100% baby alpaca

Measurement: 1.00m x 1.00m

Color: natural, undyed

Made in Peru



The properties of this fiber are multiple and exceptional. Long considered to be one of the softest and most luxurious types of wool in existence, Cashmere properties play a large part in the noble wool’s title as the most precious wool in the world. The precious wool is characterized by unique fiber properties. The fantastically soft feeling of cashmere on the skin is just one of many. Here we tell you how our popular cashmere textiles are made from the precious fiber of the cashmere goat and what incomparable properties they possess.

Alpaca fiber has a very high quality, similar to the cashmere, but stronger and at the same time

Is soft, it doesn´t absorb humidity, has a thermal effect it´s hypoallergenic, it not does contain

Lanolin, therefore it does not cause allergies.

The term “baby alpaca” means it´s the first shearing of the animal at 3 years old.


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