JOY is the name of the store. Joy of the one who does it, my joy to find it, the joy of the people who wear it, a nice chain of joys! I have always been interested in handmade work, revaluing ancestral techniques, wisdom and knowledge that comes through so many generations. It is something that cannot be missed, and it can happen very easily… It just makes It takes a generation to abandon it so that the descendants no longer acquire that knowledge. Having so much wealth in this world but being so fragile, we must take care of all cultures and give them the value they deserve.
I have met so many people working alone in his workshop, making wonderful products, in ceramics, jewelry, textiles, soaps, candles and fragrances, wood, bags, shoes, using ancient techniques that are passed from parents to children, with difficulty finding suitable buyers. I felt that I should make a selection of artisans and artists who had something to tell, a circle where this chain would be strengthened by supporting each other, shining with its uniqueness and beauty. Creating a space with a selection of products that made my heart beat, creating that exciting dialogue, is a joy, I smell it, I’m sorry, I love it, I’m in JOY.

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