White Cashmere Shawl, Handloom


Material: 100% eco cashmere

Measurement: 0,70 m x 2.00 m

Color: Gray

Made in Spain



Cashmere properties play a large part in the noble wool’s title as the most precious wool in the world. The precious wool is characterized by unique fiber properties. The fantastically soft feeling of cashmere on the skin is just one of many.

The main property that sets cashmere wool apart is its optimal thermal insulation. Cashmere ensures that the heat produced by the body cannot escape. Although cashmere fibers are incredibly fine, they are characterized by a unique air chamber inside each individual fiber. These air chambers ensure that the heat does not pass through the fabric to the outside. The cashmere fabric therefore ensures that the warmth is stored and is thus an optimal companion for the cold season. Despite the particularly fine fiber, cashmere wool insulates three times as much heat as normal wool.

These shawls are made in Spain, weaved by hand in classic wool looms, using traditional 18th century-style looms powered exclusively by the expert hands of master weavers. The best raw materials and follows a strictly manual process to create unique pieces.

Cashmere wool comes from cooperatives that promote suistainable local projects .

Material: 100% eco cashmere

Measurement: 0,70 m x 2.00 m

Color: White

Made in Spain


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